Doug Bolin - Original Music

These are in chronological order by when the track was recorded, beginning with things recorded in 1983, through the present. All except for the last song were recorded on a Tascam 244 PortaStudio, which sat non-functional between about 1992 and 2002. Finally got it fixed and was able to recover the music and even make multi-track digital versions.

Brock RockWrote it to play with my friend Bobbie Brock, recorded it at his trailer in Whitehouse TX when I first bought the Tascam 244 recording studio.
Kittery WaltzTheme was written in Kittery, Maine in 1981. I have a cleaner version that we played during our wedding.
AminalJust a progression.
Florida IllusionMust have had some illusion about Florida.
Push Back BluesPopped into my head when I was on a plane that was being pushed back from the gate.
BefuzzledElectric guitar with heavy distortion, or "fuzz", just a basic progression.
City SlickingUsed a synthesizer, thought I must be pretty slick. Not really about a city, however.
Must I WaitDerived from a slower, more meaningful song with lyrics that I sometimes sing.
On Again Off AgainAs relationships sometimes go. Another circa 1981 song is part of the theme here.
Start To Slip AwayI have lyrics for this too. Sometimes they pop up when I practice this song, and I like them. I might develop this song further.
Strength In Your Smilesoh boy, lyrics. But they're bordering on pathetic.
Far AwayBorrowed some ideas from a James Taylor song, thought I should name it the same.
Western PaceHas that country stroll feeling to it. I played the bass track on a bass guitar that my friend Billy LeClair rescued from a dumpster in Tulsa. Came out pretty good.
Do You SeeAlso lyric-inspired, but the words never came together right, so it got stuck as an instrumental.
PatriotJust sounds like it originated in the revolutionary war era.
Maroon BellsSong that had no name until it was being rolled out for use with the Annie Moses Band. Annie Wolaver said it made her think of the scenic mountains in Colorado by the same name. Played on piano by Bill Wolaver, recorded at his place direct to digital. I play it with a different bridge when I do it live.
Always And NeverWho do we mortals think we are, invoking such eternal concepts. You never call me. I've always loved you. Get it? Another song whose lyrics just don't work as well as they ought to. But this was recorded the day I wrote it, directly into the repaired Tascam.
Start It UpOne of my favorite songs to play, particularly with the Loop Station. I forget why I named it thus. Again, recorded fairly soon after arrival.
Kittery Waltz with Sheila NolderSince there was a theme, Sharon added the verse/bridge melodies, plus the lyrics. Annie Moses Band used the structure to make it into "The Dance", but it's better as a sea-song. Sheila loves this and was glad to contribute her great vocals, so I'll call her up when I get ready to produce it right.
First LightThis song locked into my head once or twice a month as I'd start my commute home from the World Trade Center, back in 1993 to 1998 or so. I'd whistle it heading down to the subway station. When our offices moved uptown, I forgot the song entirely. It recently popped back in my head, post-9/11 now, and I nabbed it. This was a initial track, there's more to the song now. Never played live yet. Sorry the mix is so much louder, I haven't matched the levels with the other songs.
Nothing But the BestAnother proto-song, still in development and will have lyrics. Acoustic/bass/lead but poorly mixed.