USS Intrepid Move Date
December 5, 2006

The WW2 vintage Aircraft carrier USS Intrepid has been a museum exhibit on the Hudson River for 24 years. It was being moved downriver and across the harbor to Bayonne, NJ for a refurbishment. While it's away (until mid-2008), the pier where it usually ties up will be refurbished too.

I tried to get some closer pictures, but the timing of the move down the river wasn't good for me - I had to be in several meetings! Oh well.

On the walk from my office building to the Hudson, I passed the wild turkey that lives in Battery Park. I'm pretty sure this is the only wild turkey living there... I've seen it often, but never any others.
The Statue of Liberty. The harbor water was very choppy with strong westerly winds.
A view of the World Financial Center buildings from the Battery Park riverwalk on the Hudson side. The two towers of the WTC used to stand just east of the familiar buildings.

The Simon Wiesenthal Holocaust museum is immediately to the right. The new WTC building 7 is visible in the back, just right of the first tower of the WFC. When the 1,776-ft tall Freedom Tower goes up, it will hide the view of WTC 7 as viewed from this vantage point - and of course go way over the height of this picture too!

USS Intrepid in the widest area of the harbor, enjoying a salute from two Coast Guard fireboats. Staten Island Ferry riders must have had a wonderful view (approaching from the right side).
... in fact I almost decided to ride the Ferry during my lunch-hour to get some better shots. But that takes too long and I had another meeting! Arrgh. This view is from the porch at the Staten Island Ferry terminal.