1982 Honda GoldWing GL1100
August 19, 2006

My friend Larry Samuel decided after owning this Honda GoldWing motorcycle for 6 years, that he wanted to upgrade to a newer ST1100 model. So he asked me if I was still interested in it. I am! Well, I was. I made him an offer today, and he's accepted. A little paperwork and revenue exchange and it'll be mine.
I took a 30 minute ride on it today, and it's everything Honda imagined it would be. Just smooth and powerful. Larry took Sharon for a short ride on it, too, and she liked it!

Larry getting the bike ready for the test drive - a little more air in the rear suspension.
Right side view. This model has the factory "Interstate" accessories, including fairing and saddlebags.
Instrument panel - the view from the driver's seat.
Left side, down low.
Another view.
After the test rides, we took a (car) drive out north, through New Milford and Sherman. Looking for "Tag Sales" (garage sales), probably. Yes, that was it. Spotted these two wild hen turkeys and their eight poults.
Yeah, just thought these were cute scenes. Nothing to do with the motorcycle, really.