Dad's Visit on Memorial Day Weekend, 2004
Danbury, CT
May 28-31, 2004

I almost forget to take pictures, sometimes! Well, this was all I thought of, and at the last moment. Dad was on his way out to his rental car, to leave for Hartford. I made him stand next to the Why Not III for several photos.

Dad had spent a week in New England, flying in and out of Bradley airport (BDL, Hartford/Springfield). He was in Cambridge MA for two days, then over to Rhode Island to visit with Mom's sister Joanne and husband Bob.

While here we cooked burgers, also ate out a couple of times - all the while listening to some of the great stories he's apt to tell. Well we also explored some data resources for a report he's writing. Anyway it was wonderful to have him here, and it looks like it's my turn next, to visit Flagstaff!

Dad, leaning on the Why Not III. Why Not's getting set up for her first excursion of the year (the trailer's also going to be getting a paint job).
Dad, Doug, Elyse and Sharon.