Updated, September 3, 2006
See the new Mercury Milan!

September 1, 2006 we brought home this 2006 Mercury Milan sedan, in the color named "Satellite Silver" - mostly silver with a hint of lichen green.
The car includes the V6 engine and the Premier package. Sharon will probably appreciate the moonroof and the audio system.
August 31st, 2005 evening, brought home this new 2005 Saturn Vue AWD V6 to replace the Blazer (see the Blazer pictures at the bottom). I've since added a trailer hitch so I can tow the Why Not III with it. I also use it for my drive over to the commuter rail lot when I head in for work in the city.
August 7-9, 2005. On Sunday, Sharon and I went to an antique auto show in Patterson, NY. Plenty of cars, but it was so hot we didn't stay as long as we would have had it been cooler. We saw a lot of the cars, but didn't take too many pictures of them. Here are a few.
Oops! Obviously not a car, but it IS a really nice Honda 750 Four. One of my favorite motorcycles. Great condition.
A 1961 Ford Econoline pickup. This one is hot mexican pink in color, inside and out. Wonderful condition and just enough of the old and original parts. Nice wheels too.
Interior of the pickup, very bright looking here. Exceptionally clean, but also very familiar looking. This version doesn't have windows in the rear corners of the roof, like Rick's does.
A 1967 Chevy Camaro, full frame-off restoration. Like stepping into a showroom in the 1960s.
Amphibian - has all the necessary boating hardware and lighting. Twin props under the back.
One of my college buddies had one of these Sunbeam Tigers - they came with a Ford V8 engine!
The next day, we had a break in the Blazer's upper ball joint on the right side, causing the wheel to tip in at the top. This was the last straw for the car - I've been having more and more problemns with it lately. So it's time to junk it and start looking for a better (newer) car.
The broken Blazer... right front wheel tipped in.
Closer view of the broken upper ball joint.