AHS Alumni Database - Search

A collection of alumni from the American High School, Mexico City, Mexico.
All information is for the private use of AHS alumni - Do not use for solicitation!

To Search the AHS Alumni Database:

First, select a Field Name using the drop-down list, then enter a string (or portion thereof) to search for, into the Find input. As a convenience, all searches are case and language insensitive; you don't need to worry about upper vs. lower, accents and tildes.

Then, click on the "Search" button, and matching rows will be returned. Here are some common examples:

  • "Class" with "70" or "1970" - shows the alumni of the Class of 1970 (Faculty/Admin are Class 9999)
  • "Last Name" with "a" - returns students whose last name includes the character "a"
  • "First Name" with "dav" - finds for "Dave", "David", "Davida", in the first name field
To Add a new Name and Contact Listing to the AHS Alumni Database:

Can't locate your listing? Have information for someone who's not listed? You can create a new listing with this button:

To Update an Existing Name and Contact Listing in the AHS Alumni Database:

Locate and display the details for the Listing that needs to be changed, and click on the button at the foot of the detail page,
"Update Alumni Details"

Note: This web page provides "search" access to a database of AHS alumni. Storing the alumni names in an offline database (MySQL) keeps web crawlers and miners from seeing the information, so it's likely to be much more confidential than an HTML table.

I can provide extracts from the database in most any format - just send me an e-mail with the specifics of your request. Be sure to me know if you experience any difficulty with the database or this web-site. Thanks for visiting! - Doug Bolin, Class of 1970 doug@whynotsail.com.