United Kingdom - Day 8
November 2, 2003

My second day in London - also my last full day in London for this trip. Started out very windy and rainy. I decided to begin my tours for the day Abbey Road Studios, since being in NW London, was sort of on my way. Following that I wanted to see the British Museum, then it was an open schedule. Follow along!
The doorway to the Abbey Road studios, where the Beatles recorded some of their material.
This is the same crosswalk featured on the cover of the Beatles' Abbey Road album, compare the white wall on the left side, which is the Abbey Road studio lot. Well, it was a different time of year, and it was sunny, and instead of four cool musicians crossing a fairly quiet street, we got one guy with an umbrella dodging cars! You can never go back.
The entrance to the British Museum. I'm amazed at the collection these folks have amassed. I stayed about three hours, not enough to do much except walk the halls. It would take months to appreciate what's there.
A huge egyptian head - the stone segment on this is about 15' tall.
Enough said.
An Assyrian winged bull from the palace of Sargon II. To the left, a story about Hezekiah the Israelite king.
"Well girls, this place is dead. Looks like the party's over." Sculptures from the front eave of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece.
Claudius, and Julius.
Cleopatra, mummified. Yes, the real thing. The mummies have been undergoing the latest tests - Xray, CAT, and MR scans. They've also got the Lindow "bog" man, and the Sutton Hoo ship (English burial site of viking king) artifacts.
From the very old to the very new... a Japan Air Lines 747 on approach to Heathrow. I was standing fairly close to a replica of Sir Francis Drake's "Golden Hind" ship.
The Tower of London, from across the Thames.
Of all the photos I shot of the Tower Bridge (from the South Bank, and walking up to it, and across it), this very last one turned out the best. It was taken from in front of the Tower of London, on the walkway.